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Safe choice for contaminated soil,commercial problematic waste & asbestos disposal in Southland

Any job involving contaminated soil or asbestos needs to be handled with complete care. That’s where S J Timpany Landfill can help!

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We will find the right solution for you

What we can do for you

We offer contaminated soil remediation services, in addition to asbestos disposal. We will design a solution that best meets your needs, specialising in heavy metal and hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

For over 6 years we have been helping clients deal with asbestos disposal. We moved into the contaminated soil remediation and disposal area 8 years ago.

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We deal with the following issues:

Contaminated soil – hydrocarbon, heavy metal • Asbestos disposal • Design and remediation • solid waste disposal

Commitment to customer service

At S J Timpany Landfill we will make the process as easy as possible for you.

A locally owned and operated company. We are driven by customer service and protecting the environment.

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